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Regenerous is a workshop experience that will help the participant to evaluate their initial call to service. This will involve looking at their early life experiences in their families of origin, their friendships, and their early education. They will identify individuals who were great role-models, supporters, and mentors for their journey into the healing arts. They will explore and share with others the trajectory of their careers, their aspirations, successes, disappointments, and unfinished business. They will find avenues to reconnect with their initial passions toward service, and to foster a re-awakening of these passions contemporarily. They will examine issues and circumstances in their present lives that interfere with the full experience of joy in the service of others, and find ways to support themselves, and each other, as they find their way back to these initial passions, as well as newly evolving ones.

We will utilize didactics guided imagery, art, music, storytelling, poetry, scripture, movement, journaling, quiet time/meditations, and other modalities.