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7:00–9:00 pm

Evening Program
Compassion Fatigue: When Helping Others Makes Us Vulnerable

Terry V. Eagan, MD

He is a prominent Beverly Hills psychiatrist, Senior Fellow of The Meadows,
and founder and CEO of Eagan Medical Group, LLC., a thriving mental health practice treating over 2000 patients annually. His private patients have included leaders in industry, politics, and performers from television, music, and lm,

many of whom have been at the extremes of celebrity. Dr. Eagan is an expert in the complexities
of mental health and addiction treatment, and he specializes in effective treatment regimens for
all types of emotional distress that often can arise from being in positions of responsibility and
public attention. His range of specialties includes primary psychiatric conditions, eating disorders, substance-abuse disorders, impulse control disorders, trauma & abuse, human sexuality and spiritual therapy. Dr. Eagan’s treatment approach incorporates pharmacologic interventions with evidence- based cognitive behavioral therapies, adjunctive modalities, and traditional spiritual practices. He is the author of Prayer for Compassion: My Journey Through Compassion-Fatigue.

Compassion Fatigue is a condition characterized by a gradual lessening of compassion over time increasingly experienced by individuals that work directly with those suffering from trauma. Therapists, nurses, physicians, clergy, police of cers, service workers, educators, and family members caring for chronically ill loved ones are just some of those negatively impacted by Compassion Fatigue. Essentially, ANYONE who helps others is vulnerable. Symptoms can include hopelessness, constant stress and anxiety, pervasive negative attitude, irritability among others, and can affect not only individuals, but organizations and institutions as well.