The Prayer For Compassion Agency sponsors and facilitates experiential workshops, retreats, and initiatives, collectively “Programs,” for the education, inspiration, and personal growth of participants, as well as the benefit of recipient organizations. Any experiential Program sponsored by the Prayer For Compassion Agency does not constitute formal psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or psychiatric services. Participation in such Programs does not establish a formal therapeutic relationship between the participants and any facilitator. Further, participants are hereby informed that experiential processes, seminars, workshops, and retreats presented by Prayer For Compassion Agency are not intended to replace psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatric, or other medical services, provided by trained, licensed professionals.

Admission of a participant into a Prayer For Compassion Agency Program does not constitute any form of guarantee of personal, professional, or economic outcome resulting from the participant’s involvement. The participant assumes full responsibility for his/her emotional reactions, decisions, actions, behaviors, and any consequences arising therefrom, based in whole or in part on the content of the Program.

Participants agree that workshop organizers, facilitators, and staff shall be held harmless of liability in any actions taken by the participant, whether personal, professional, social, or economic as a result of implementation of any concepts, theories, or advice provided during the course of
a Program or thereafter in perpetuity.

All participants will be asked to sign a Statement of Informed Consent / Release of Liability prior to participation in any experiential process, retreat, or event. Participants who voluntarily agree to take part in a Program will assume full responsibility for their actions and involvement within the Program, and subsequent to it. All participants should consult with their personal treatment practitioners prior to their involvement in the Program. Participants are encouraged to continue any prescribed medications or treatments and to maintain any pre-existing medical or therapeutic relationships throughout their involvement in the Program and thereafter, solely at their personal discretion.