All photographs by Andre Amos visionaryangles.com

“Unnamable God, I feel you with me at every moment.”

In our stillness, we are informed. This is our connection to our innate spiritual nature. We seek to find meaning and purpose through spiritual traditions that can be a source of compassionate understanding and inspiration, especially in the most challenging of times.

However, the hectic pace and practical concerns of modern life often preclude a focus on spirituality; we routinely miss the moments of silence and contemplation that provide the vehicle for deeper understanding of one’s sacred story and
a deeper relationship with God.

The Prayer For Compassion Agency guides individuals and groups in the telling of their sacred stories through the process of Spiritual Direction. A deeply personal, contemplative practice, Spiritual Direction honors all spiritual and religious traditions. Our retreats, initiatives, and corporate trainings provide individuals with a vehicle for realizing a personal mission that is more peaceful, compassionate, and fulfilling.